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At KOMSA, focusing on our employees and their families is a key part of our corporate philosophy. But it's not just our company and our staff we take responsibility for. We are also committed to caring for our local region and the environment.

Flyer about the expansion of the KOMSA "Oase" staff restaurant (in German).


Our in-house day-care centre - benefiting parents, children and our company

The most visible external sign of our commitment to providing a family-friendly workplace is our in-house childcare facility, "Weltenbaum" ("World Tree"), which provides care, support and even language lessons for children aged up to six years old.

Many young women and men working at KOMSA could choose to start families in the near future. And many of them will want to return to work very quickly. By running a childcare facility in-house, KOMSA can bring work and family life together, at the same time combining social responsibility and business interests.


komsa oase

KOMSA Oase - In harmony with nature

regenwassertank bei komsa

In harmony with nature:
Environmental awareness and sustainability management are deeply integrated into our philosophy. Sustainable development requires a stable balance between economics, ecology and society. At KOMSA, our guidelines for environmental and resource protection are deeply ingrained in our corporate principles. Examples of this include our ecological building methods, active energy and environmental management, our reuse of rainwater and our preference of working with regional suppliers.

Reusing rainwater:
A large proportion of the water used in our building is provided via a fully-automated rain water collection system.

Ecological building methods:
The "Weltenbaum" ("World Tree") childcare facility and our extension building combine the latest technology with the beauty of nature, are energy-efficient and are mainly constructed of wood from sustainable sources.

Preference for regional suppliers:
KOMSA works with local companies and service providers wherever possible. This saves on transportation costs and helps us to promote development within our region.

Active energy and environmental management:
We carry out regular analyses and employee surveys to determine areas where we can optimize our energy and resource usage and determine the feasibility of different measures.

Christmas 2016

Access to clean water still cannot be taken for granted everywhere in the world.

Christmas is traditionally a time of relaxing and reflecting on the important things in life. In light of the current global political situation, many people are thinking about those who urgently need our help.

The KOMSA Group has been supporting various projects all over the world for many years. This Christmas, we are fulfilling our employees’ wish to donate the money that would have been spent on company Christmas presents. KOMSA wholeheartedly supports commitment to social issues and is doubling the amount that employees donate for each project.

This year, staff members are supporting the following organisations and charitable associations:

Misside Guinea e.V project – Learning to help ourselves

Amadou Diallo, founder of the Misside Guinea e.V. project, volunteers for a number of projects in the West African region of Télimélé. Donations have already been used to build several schools and medical wards in the region.

Doctors without Borders - A donation that saves lives

For more than 40 years, the relief organisation Doctors without Borders, which was founded in 1971, has been providing invaluable medical help in countries whose local healthcare structures are no longer effective because of wars, conflicts, epidemics or natural disasters.

Bread for the World - Helping is more than just food security

For more than 50 years, Bread for the World has been active globally in the fight against injustice and poverty. In addition to the key concern of food security, donations are used to promote education and health, ensure access to clean water, for human rights issues and to secure peace.

Misside Guinea e.V. Projekt - Heartfelt issues in West Africa

Thanks to generous donations, these West African children can go to school and have hope for a better future.

Education ist the key to a better life.

A good education, reliable health care and access to clean drinking water – these are the pillars that help people to help themselves. For this reason, we have been wholeheartedly supporting Guinean-born Amadou Diallo, the founder of the Misside Guinea e.V. project, for over 13 years. By building schools, the project aims to educate children and young people in West Africa to pave their way to a better life.

To date, donations have been used to build three primary schools, two medical wards and a well in the Télimélé region. A medical school is currently under construction, with further projects planned.

Click to see the projects especially supported in 2017


Supporting local projects with commitment and passion

Ever since the company was founded, KOMSA has been involved in local sport, cultural and science projects. As a company, we see ourselves as part of our society, particularly within our local region. Alongside funding and equipment, we also provide our unique expertise and our employees, whose dedication to good causes is exemplary.

Our sponsorship and support services are heavily focused on our local region and cover sport and cultural projects as well as more unusual ones such as those in the field of sustainability management. All of our initiatives are focused on improving future opportunities for people and projects. We support everything from up-and-coming sportsmen and -women to scientific talent and cultural events.

When it comes to deciding where to award our support, the following types of project are particularly close to our hearts:

  • Regional initiatives
  • Youth development projects
  • Collective ideas and solutions
  • Unusual, pioneering projects

KOMSA considers all applications for support for projects which meet these criteria at the end of March each year. These can be submitted by post or email . The final decisions are made and applicants notified at the beginning of April.


  • "Der Messias" - Performance of an epic poem
  • 10 Jahre Landkreis Mittweida - 10 Years of Mittweida District Hospital
  • ADHS Netzwerk - ADHD charity
  • aetka Cup Dresden Racecourse
  • Arthur e.V. - Cultural centre
  • Exhibition: Where does Chemnitz study?
  • Apprentice project: Free Press
  • Basketball NINERS
  • Behindertenhilfe Limbach-Oberfrohna e.V. - Association supporting children with disabilities
  • Carlsfeld Mountain Rescue
  • BIP Kreativschule Chemnitz - Creative education school
  • Blinden-u. Sehbehinderten-Verband Sachsen e.V. - Association supporting blind and visually impaired people
  • Bürgerstiftung Dresden - Dresden Civic Foundation
  • Futuresax business plan competition
  • CDU Dresden Regional Association
  • ChemCats Basketball
  • ChemCats: Bundesliga basketball team
  • Chemnitz Football Club
  • Chemnitz Youth Football Club
  • Chemnitz Oldie indoor football tournament
  • Gymnasiumsverein e. V. Burgstädt choir - Association supporting a high school in Burgstädt
  • CIRP General Assembly
  • City Marathon Chemnitz
  • CLV Megware e.V.: Running club, talent development programme
  • Crusaders Chemnitz: American football
  • Clubs and societies in the Hartmannsdorf community
  • Welthungerhilfe - World hunger charity, "Race for Life" campaign
  • German Red Cross: Asian flood assistance
  • Martin Rappe, figure skater
  • Elternverein krebskranker Kinder Chemnitz e.V. - Association supporting families of children with cancer
  • Hartmannsdorf swimming pool
  • Erzgebirge chess association "Nickelhütte Aue"
  • Chemnitz University of Technology's EU-Africa project
  • European High School, Hartmannsdorf
  • Protestant Lutheran Community - Playground
  • Protestant Elementary School, Frankenberg
  • Chemnitz University of Technology - IT student representative
  • Förderkindergarten "Am Taurastein" - Kindergarten for children with special needs
  • Förderschule Zettlitz - School for children with special needs
  • Förderverein der Mittelschule Hartmannsdorf e.V. - Friends of Hartmannsdorf Middle School
  • Förderverein Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Freiberg e. V. - Friends of Geschwister Scholl High School, Freiberg
  • Förderverein Grundschule Erich-Viehweg - Friends of Erich Viehweg Elementary School
  • Friends of the Chemnitz Museum of Industry
  • Förderverein Skisprung Sachsen e.V. - Association supporting ski jumping in Saxony
  • Fraunhofer Institut, Chemnitz
  • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Chemnitz
  • Free Church of Hartmannsdorf
  • Free Church Christian Community of Hartmannsdorf
  • Hartmannsdorf volunteer fire service
  • Rathendorf volunteer fire service
  • Friends of Chemnitz University of Technology
  • Gabriele Schommer Memorial Fund
  • Hartmannsdorf Industrial Zone Association
  • Goethe Elementary School, Burgstädt
  • Glück-Auf-Schule Elementary School
  • Hartmannsdorf Elementary School: Playground redevelopment
  • Hohndorf Elementary School
  • Kändler Elementary School: Tombola
  • Mohsdorf Elementary School
  • Burgstädt High School: School sponsorship
  • Messe Chemnitz indoor beach volleyball tournament
  • Hartmannsdorf SV - Sports club, volleyball
  • Hartmannsdorf SV - Football
  • Hattrick - Förderverein für Nachwuchsfussball e.V., Gornau - Football talent development association
  • Sosa Local Heritage Festival
  • Heimatverein Hartmannsdorf e. V. - Hartmannsdorf Local Heritage Association
  • Heimatverein Reichenbrand e.V. - Reichenbrand Local Heritage Association
  • KKH charity running events
  • Historischer Besiedlungszug A.D. 1156 e. V. Sachsenburg - Association honouring the memory of local colonization
  • Mittweida High School
  • HSV 05 Hartmannsdorf - Sports club
  • HSV 09 Hartmannsdorf - Youth sports club
  • IHK Magazin - Chamber of Industry and Commerce magazine
  • Chemnitz Museum of Industry
  • Industrieverein Chemnitz - Association supporting industry in Chemnitz
  • Industrieverein Sachsen 1828 e.V. - Association supporting industry in Saxony
  • Industrieverein Sachsen e.V.: Day of Industry
  • Internal Veterans' Tournament, Mr. Göcke
  • IT Bündnis Chemnitz - Chemnitz IT Alliance
  • Johannes Kepler High School, Chemnitz
  • Jugendblasorchester Chemnitz - Youth wind instrument orchestra
  • Jugendkirche Chemnitz e.V. - Youth church Oederan youth sport
  • Kaninchenzüchterverein e.V. Hartmannsdorf - Rabbit breeding association
  • Johanneum - Foundation for children and young people
  • Uganda children's choir
  • Callenberg children's fire service Schmetterling children's home, Chemnitz
  • Clara Zetkin children's home
  • Hartmannsdorf parish
  • "Weltenbaum" ("World Tree") childcare facility
  • KIZ e.V. Zwickau - Association supporting local children
  • KKH sponsored running events 2008
  • Freiberg Hunting Association
  • Kreisjugendring Mittweida - Youth association / addiction conference
  • KTV Grünberg - Local cultural association
  • Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy
  • Chemnitz art collections
  • LAC Erdgas Chemnitz - Athletics club
  • Landesindustrieball - Saxony Industry Ball
  • Mittweida District Office
  • Laufverein Limbach e.V. - Running club
  • Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung Chemnitz e.V. - Association supporting people with mental disabilities
  • Lernförderschule Bürgstadt - School for children with learning difficulties
  • Lernförderschulverein Taura - Association supporting the Taura school for children with learning difficulties
  • Lions Club Chemnitz - Club supporting social projects
  • Lions Club Chemnitz: Autumn ball
  • Lions Club Limbach Oberfohna
  • Lions Club Limbach, Lions Club Chemnitz
  • Lions Club, benefit tournament
  • Lions Hilfswerk Dresden Semper e.V.
  • Lions Hilfswerk Limbach
  • Lions Club Dresden: Orchid Ball
  • Ludwig Richter School, Chemnitz
  • Reichenbrand May Tree Festival
  • Martin Luther High School, Frankenberg
  • Misside/Guinea: Building schools
  • Mittelsächsisches Theater: Work with children and young people
  • Hartmannsdorf Middle School
  • Limbach-Oberfrohna Middle School
  • Mittelstandsball SüdWestsachsen - Ball for medium-sized companies in south west Saxony
  • Musikschule Mittelsachsen - Music school
  • Hartmannsdorf Commercial Vehicle Museum
  • Chemnitz Oldie indoor football tournament
  • Park Art Waldenburg
  • Hartmannsdorf Boy Scouts
  • Polizeisportverein Chemnitz e.V - Police sports association
  • Hartmannsdorf Parish Concert
  • Reitverein "St.Georg" Burgstädt e.V. - Equestrian association
  • Saxony State Press Conference
  • Saxon Union: Internet Night
  • Salzstraße e.V. - Children's home
  • Saxonia - Location development
  • Chemnitz Castle Church
  • Schützenverein Mühlau e.V. - Shooting club
  • Swedish Chamber of Commerce: Junior Chamber Club
  • Chemnitz Swimming Club
  • SG Altenhain - Football club
  • SG Handwerk Rabenstein - Football club
  • Silberbüchse e.V. - Association honouring German author Karl May
  • Bürgstadt Singing Club
  • Sponsored swimming events
  • Seelitz Sport and Equestrian Association
  • St. Benno High School Dresden
  • IBS - Foundation supporting international research into IT
  • SachsenAsse - Foundation honouring local associations' contributions to society
  • Sankt Matthäus Berlin - Church foundation for culture and the arts
  • SV Narsdorf - Football club
  • Chemnitz Dance Ensemble
  • Limbach Diving Club, talent development
  • Chemnitz University of Technology
  • Zwickau Crisis Helpline
  • Telekommunikationscup 2011 - Volleyball tournament
  • Waldenburg European High School Board of Trustees (Misside project)
  • Trägerverein Freies Gymnasium Penig e. V. - High school board of trustees
  • TSV Einheit Süd - Sports club, judo/talent management
  • TSV Einheit Süd - Judo
  • TSV Hartmannsdorf
  • TSV Hartmannsdorf-Penig - Handball
  • TSV Röhrsdorf: Badminton talent management
  • Chemnitz University of Technology, Technology Transfer Prize
  • Chemnitz University of Technology, IT
  • Chemnitz University of Technology: Future Truck
  • Chemnitz University of Technology: Girls Day
  • Chemnitz University of Technology: Hoffest - Christmas market
  • Chemnitz University of Technology: IT Day
  • Chemnitz University of Technology: IT Bündnis Chemnitz - Chemnitz IT Alliance
  • Chemnitz University of Technology: Foundation
  • Chemnitz University of Technology: IBS Foundation
  • Chemnitz University of Technology: Open Door Day
  • Chemnitz University of Technology: University Ball
  • Turn- und Sportverein Hartmannsdorf 1862 e. V. - Sports club
  • TuS Chemnitz Altendorf - Gymnastics club
  • TV 1860 Burgstädt - Sports club, table tennis
  • UNICEF Chemnitz
  • Dresden University Medical Centre
  • Support for the Weltenbaum childcare facility
  • Support for the Youth Red Cross Level II State Competition
  • USG Chemnitz - University sports club, figure skating, talent management
  • USG Chemnitz - Chess
  • USG Chemnitz: Martin Rappe, figure skater
  • Verein Historische Nutzfahrzeuge Hartmannsdorf e.V. - Association maintaining historic commercial vehicles
  • Verein Talbrücke e.V. - Association supporting people with cancer