Family & Career


At KOMSA, we focus on our employees as people. For us, it is just as important to ensure that every single one of them receives continuous personal development as it is to provide a variety of family, social, health and leisure benefits for them, such as looking after their children in our "Weltenbaum" ("World Tree") in-house childcare facility. An employee who feels well looked after by their company will produce above-average results. Which is why we help our employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance using the KOMSA formula:

Life = f (achievement + family + leisure time + health)


komsa arbeitskultur - gemeinsam viel erreichen

Corporate Culture - Together, we can achieve more

Together, we can achieve more

KOMSA is a company of team players. Our corporate culture is based on the idea of "everyone doing their bit". Only by working together can we achieve what our vendor and retail partners expect of us.

The concept is so important to us, in fact, that it is even represented in our logo by the nine arrows pointing in the same direction.


komsa familie und beruf im einklang

Work-Life-Balance - Balancing your family and your career

Balancing your family and your career

KOMSA offers flexible working hours. And we understand the importance of incorporating measures like this into our staffing policies to ensure our employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

One of our employees Denis Dobrig who, as a father of three, truly values this flexibility, was a driving force behind the government's "Family-Friendly Working Hours" campaign.

(An initiative of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth)


kita weltenbaum - betreuung maßgeschneidert

"Weltenbaum" Childcare Facility - Tailored care

Tailored care

Each child is unique, and so is a job at KOMSA! But how can parents balance the two without feeling guilty? One word: "Weltenbaum" (or "World Tree"). How? With caring teachers, fresh ideas on child development and how to keep children happy, and by taking an interest what makes them who they are. This approach makes parents feel more secure and gives them the time to spend on their own ideas and their job at KOMSA.


komsa mitarbeiterrestaurant - gesund genießen

Staff Restaurant "Oase"

Eat healthily

Our "Oase" ("Oasis") staff restaurant is yet another tile in the social mosaic here at KOMSA. We have combined the latest technology with beautiful natural features to create an "oasis", a regenerative bioclimate for our employees and guests to enjoy. The light, varied, fresh food on offer and the peaceful green surroundings combine to create a centre for relaxation and communication, complete with its own restaurant and training rooms.


komsa ferienhaus auf rügen

Leisure and Family - Take a break from the everyday

Take a break from the everyday

To make sure our employees get the most out of their vacation time, at KOMSA we give them the opportunity to use our own holiday home and apartments on the sunny island of Rügen.


sport und gesundheit bei komsa

Sport & Health - It’s all about balance

It's all about balance

We offer a wide variety of sporting activities to help our employees stay healthy. Back in 1998, KOMSA established its own in-house sport and health team, tasked with introducing, organising and carrying out sport and leisure activities for KOMSA Group staff. As well as weekly volleyball and football training sessions, yoga and back therapy classes, they also organize preventative activities such as health awareness days, blood sugar tests and flu jabs.



Insurance - Security for life

Security for life

We offer competent advice covering everything to do with retirement and pensions and health protection. KOMSA acts as an independent insurance intermediary for its employees, providing comprehensive advice and solutions tailored to each individual employees' needs.