Professional development

We believe in our employees and their ability to grow and develop as specialists, as managers, and as people.

In line with KOMSA's guiding principle, "Every development starts with a single person!", our staffing policy focuses on creating tailored career paths according to each employee's individual skills and preferences.

Which is why we aim to provide each of them with comprehensive development in the form of one hour's training per week. We invest in our employees' development, improving and deepening their skills and talents.

Continuous, personal development for each individual employee

You can find out more about our personalized development and training opportunities during your interview. Get to know us better, apply for a role now.


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Employee Development - Growth through opportunity

Growth through opportunity

Here at KOMSA, creating personalized development plans for every employee is a key part of our culture. As your career with us progresses, our internal employee development programme will help you create and implement a personalized roadmap to improve your skills.


Employee Development - Progress through knowledge

Progress through knowledge

The team at the KOMSA Academy spend every day working on career development opportunities for our employees. Their internal training and specialization programme is a key part of our company's development plans.


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Employee Development - Take an active role

Take an active role

Here at KOMSA, one of the most important factors behind our success are the ideas and opinions of our own employees - because these are the people who develop our innovative solutions, products and services. Innovations need creativity, space and for individuals to take responsibility. So KOMSA has invested heavily in creating an environment which encourages its staff to innovate. The employee idea board was established to help our colleagues exchange ideas and explore each other's concepts through open discussion.