At first glance, it may seem that KOMSA doesn’t often come into direct contact with consumers. Locally, KOMSA is best known as a major employer and a supplier of repair services. In a less direct way, however, we also have a major impact on the products that make up the digital and mobile world that today’s consumers live in. Our retail partners act as our representatives.


Digitization and the ever-growing links between telecommunications, ict and digital media are merging the worlds of industry and consumer. The technology and products that make up the ict (information and communication technology) sector have made their way into virtually every aspect of our everyday lives. Thanks to developments in digital networking, all sorts of technical devices can now communicate with each other and interact – as a result, sectors of industry and areas of our lives that were previously kept separate are growing ever closer. This revolution in the way we live our lives also brings new challenges in terms of the quality and complexity of products and solutions. KOMSA is committed to finding clever approaches and strategies to provide high-quality, reliable support to both market players and consumers in the ict sector as the digital revolution takes hold.


We act as an essential link between our vendor partners and retail partners , helping to market products and services right through to the consumer. The support that we at KOMSA offer our retail partners can thus be passed on to their customers. We work with our retail partners to supply you with our vendor partners’ latest products through the channels that suit you best, and also make sure you can access all the information you need on the product and related subjects. This also helps us open up new markets for new technologies and trends and promote new suppliers, products and services that bring added value to consumers. 
Throughout our work, we and our partners benefit considerably from our many years of experience, our comprehensive market knowledge and our extensive market access potential.


At KOMSA, we see things from many different perspectives. As part of our commitment to creating added value, we focus on the interests of our direct customers but also on the requirements of their customers – business and private consumers. 
With more than 22 years of industry experience linking up products and services, we are able to address the specific requirements for each individual sales channel, from custom logistics services right through to delivery to the consumer. Planning, stocking and maintaining channel-specific product promotion platforms, as well as providing direct customer service, support hotlines and coordination for complex projects, are just some of the ways in which KOMSA demonstrates itself as a strong partner when it comes to linking up all kinds of ict product portfolios with new markets and sectors. We also provide consultation and support services at the development stage for products and solutions, making full use of our many years of experience in analysing consumer buying patterns. Our aim is to provide you, the consumer, with a fully optimized buying experience. 
KOMSA is the hub that brings everything together – from manufacturers and retail partners right through to individual consumers. The structured and sophisticated way that we link up products and services is adapted to each individual situation, ensuring that the right target group has access to the right product, at the right time, in the right place!