Facts and figures

An overview of the KOMSA group

KOMSA is one of the leading service providers in the information and communication technology (ict) industry. Founded in 1992 in Hartmannsdorf, Saxony, KOMSA has developed into an international company, offering distribution, business process, repair, support and other services throughout Europe. Our partnerships with all of the key manufacturers and network operators in the ict sector enable us to offer our retail partners products and solutions from a single source, and our vendor partners channel-specific distribution solutions for their products. We also provide all associated services.

The KOMSA Group is one of the 200 largest family-owned companies in Germany*. The CEO of the KOMSA Group, Dr.-Ing. Gunnar Grosse, handed over his shares to DEROSSI Invest, making it the Group's main shareholder. DEROSSI Invest is an independent investment company privately owned by Gunnar Grosse, which supports promising, innovative, sustainable companies and projects within the fields of communication, agriculture and forestry in the German states of Saxony and Thuringia. Similarly to the KOMSA Group itself, DEROSSI Invest is heavily influenced by its roots in Saxony and the ideals of a free, value-oriented yet dynamic and cosmopolitan society.

(*Ranked number 192: "Die größten Familienunternehmen in Deutschland" ("The largest family businesses in Germany"), Wirtschaftsblatt (1/2015))



turnover in

the 2016/17 financial




employees from




4 million

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2014/15 financial




retail partners

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40,000 POS



manufacturing partners

in the ict sector