After the fall of the Berlin wall, Swedish-born Gunnar Grosse went in search of his German roots. He travelled to Hartmannsdorf in Saxony, to an old farm that his family had managed for many generations. After a few months, he decided to remain there and start a business. The right opportunity quickly presented itself, as there was a significant gap in the market: back in Sweden, the first mobile phones were already in use, but in Hartmannsdorf, he had to go to the phone box if he wanted to make a call. By fortunate coincidence, Gunnar Grosse met three ambitious, bright-minded young men: Jürgen Unger, Norbert Hanussek and Jürgen Fuchs. Together, they founded KOMSA in 1992, initially based in Chemnitz, where there was an office with a telephone connection where, with a bit of luck, they could obtain a free trunk line.

During the ensuing 24 years, KOMSA has grown to become one of the largest distributors in the ict industry, with 1,450 employees spread over a number of business units. The pioneering spirit of our founders still influences the working methods of the KOMSA team: tackling issues, sticking together, producing results, working reliably, leading the way, showing initiative and thinking ahead. Many staff still remember the years on the farm, offices in containers and logistics in a former barn. We have a fantastic history and a future that will continue to be characterized by growth and innovation in the world of digitization.