Here at KOMSA, our philosophy is part of everything we do and everyone we interact with, and is reflected in our visitors, our retail and vendor partners and our employees themselves.

We understand the importance of providing a comfortable, personal environment for them to work in, and are committed to doing everything we can to establish one by looking after each other and ourselves.

Our CEO, Dr.-Ing. Gunnar Grosse's Swedish roots and his experiences of the social achievements made before the fall of the Berlin Wall form the basis of our corporate culture, where everything revolves around the people in it. Not because it's a decree from on high, but because we know it's the right thing to do. We summarize it using the formula:

Life = f (achievement + family + leisure time + health)

The sound of children laughing from our in-house childcare facility, "Weltenbaum" ("World Tree"), is one of the most obvious things that demonstrate our commitment to people, but it's just one small piece of the puzzle.

Our corporate culture wasn't designed on a drawing board, fixed and unchanging. It has grown with us. It represents the very personal beliefs and values of our founder and is reflected in the actions of every single one of our employees. Our flat hierarchy system means they must all take responsibility, and constantly work together to achieve our objectives.

Our customers and partners guide us in everything we do. The nine arrows in our logo all point in the same direction, symbolizing the philosophy behind all of our corporate units and the foundation of our business dealings:

At KOMSA, everything revolves around the customer!

Life = f(Work + Family + Leisure + Health)

Here at KOMSA, family life and working life go hand in hand. An employee who feels well looked after by their company will produce above-average results. So we have introduced a range of measures to improve the health and work-life balance of our staff. The most visible of these is our in-house childcare facility, "Weltenbaum" ("World Tree").

We believe in People

We believe in our employees and their ability to grow and develop, both as specialists and as individuals. That is why we aim to provide each employee with one hour's training per week.

Flat Hierarchies are key

Our decentralized hierarchy and people taking individual responsibility mean we can make decisions quickly.

Dynamic systems developed in-house for increased flexibility

Our specially developed management information system delivers updated data every day to help us make decisions and adapt flexibly to changing market requirements.

Every person who comes to KOMSA is part of our future

KOMSA offers future-oriented training, dual study programmes, a trainee programme and a wide range of excellent development and career opportunities.

Every development starts with a single person

A company's employees are its biggest resource. Which is why we focus on people.

Our world revolves around our customers

From our organizational structure to our corporate processes to our philosophy, our customers are our guides.

Team is money®

New problems require new solutions. So you need plenty of ideas and people to work on them. Flexible, project-oriented teamwork is a key part of our staffing policy.

In harmony with nature

Environmental awareness and sustainability management are deeply integrated into our philosophy. Examples of this include our ecological building methods, our reuse of rainwater and our preference of working with regional suppliers.