Business Process Services

The demands consumers make of manufacturers, network operators and retail are getting more and more specific as digitization brings high levels of speed and complexity. KOMSA provides customized support for all business processes at every stage of the value chain.

Business process services have long had a key role to play in taking products and solutions from the manufacturer right through to end customers. Each individual stage on the journey has its own particular requirements and needs. KOMSA sees its role as providing the essential link between vendor partners, retail partners and consumers in the ict sector through its network of industry specialists.

As fulfilment specialists, KOMSA's range of services includes infrastructure services such as interface connection, automatic replenishment and evaluation; we also offer promotion and marketing as part of our range of services as a full service marketing agency. Our customer services enable us to individualize, refine and bundle products and take on some or all merchandise logistics functions at our partner's request. Your repairs, B-stock preparation and sales, and development and maintenance of online marketing can also be safely left in our hands. Our partners count on our innovative spirit and expertise to provide them with top-quality tailor-made solutions that work in tandem with industry standard approaches.

KOMSA is a strong partner who will drive your business forwards and leave you free to focus on core functions. By transferring processes to us in whole or in part depending on your needs, you will be able to work faster, more cost-effectively and in a more targeted way. We create added value and set great store by long-term partnerships as the best and most efficient way of doing this in the ict sector.