Systems & Solutions

Our Systems & Solutions Division provides competent system house support, individual UCC and IT solutions, and tailored concepts for the telematics and automotive sectors. Our in-depth knowledge of the ict sector enables us to develop complex, sophisticated solutions for our partners.

As well as an extensive portfolio of products from well-known manufacturers, we also offer our system house partners a broad range of additional IT and support services. Our expert team has spent many years developing the specialist expertise required to offer our customers complete UCC, telecoms and network solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our system house customers also receive efficient Level 1, Level 2 and remote support from our Technical Assistance Center. We offer regular training and development courses and licence training covering a variety of manufacturers and topics.

KOMSA also supports its partners in the telematics and automotive sector as a systems supplier. Our diverse in-car electronics portfolio includes solutions covering telephony, navigation, location, driver assistance and multimedia. Thanks to our close partnerships with vehicle manufacturers and many years of market experience, we can adapt products and services to meet customers' unique needs and those of their vehicles.

Our competent team of IT experts also provide support for all of the challenges associated with digitization. From consultation to design and support, your contacts at KOMSA will work with you to find and implement individual solutions in the fields of ERP, logistics and e-commerce. We give all of our customers access to a powerful ERP system which maps all of the relevant business processes.

Our specialists are also on hand to provide expert advice on selecting new software systems or creating your own custom software solutions. We can adapt our established business processes to suit your requirements, or even create brand-new solutions for you.

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