aetka Communication Center AG

Founded in 2000 by KOMSA Kommunikation Sachsen AG, aetka Communication Center AG is both a powerful cooperative and a retail brand.

Over 2,000 independent German telecommunications retailers, mobile phone stores and system houses belong to the cooperative, the largest in the independent telecoms retail sector (source: GfK). The aetka brand stands for expert advice and excellent service in everything associated with telephony, the Internet and navigation.

Although aetka members retain their entrepreneurial freedom and their own names, they are part of a powerful, countrywide network whose impact on the market is far stronger than the sum of its individual members' services. The cooperative offers aetka retailers and system houses a comprehensive, sophisticated package of services covering procurement, marketing and networking.

aetka also provides services directly to large customers.

The cooperative's partnerships with key manufacturers and network operators in the information and communication technology (ict) sector enable aetka to provide purchasing, marketing and order procurement assistance to independent companies. aetka also has its own brand, aetkaSMART, through which it provides a range of mobile phone tariffs for consumers, and - an online platform providing fast, free answers to questions regarding mobile phones, telecommunications, navigation, the Internet and IT.

Founded: 2000

Business area:

aetka is a retail brand and cooperative in the information technology and telecoms sectors.


aetka Communication Center AG
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