w-support.pl sp. z o.o.

w-support.pl sp. z o.o. is a repair service provider for mobile device manufacturers, and was launched on the Polish market in 2006.

Based on the expertise and successful example of its sister company, w-support.com GmbH, it provides repair and maintenance services for digital mobile devices and associated logistical and additional services targeted at the Polish market.

w-support.pl repairs devices down to component level using the latest measurement and soldering technologies. It acts as an independent partner for a number of well-known manufacturers in the ict sector such as aQooQoo, Navitel, BlackBerry, PocketBook, Sony Mobile and ZTE.

Founded: 2006

Business area:

Repair fulfilment for digital mobile devices, data recovery from mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, ensuring proper disposal of waste devices, diagnostic services and solutions to prevent repairs being required


w-support.pl sp. z o.o.
Aleja Armii Krajowej 61
PL-50-541 Wroclaw
Tel.: +48 71 3311 870
Fax: +48 71 364 73 49