Repair service for your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet

As an authorized contracted workshop for renowned manufacturers, (KOMSA Group repair specialist) fixes up smartphones and tablets, regardless of whether the warranty period has ended or not. Complying with manufacturer specifications, only original replacement parts are used for maintenance. The repair specialists work quickly and deliver an excellent standard of quality.

Repair service for private customers

Is your mobile, smartphone or tablet defective? Simply apply for a repair quickly and hassle-free.

Repair service for retail partners

We repair and maintain mobiles, smartphones, tablets and wearables for you, no matter the manufacturer. We refurbish them, purchase replacement parts, and handle complaints.

Apply for a repair on site
You can drop off and collect devices for repair in person at our offices in Hartmannsdorf.
Opening hours for accepting repairs::
Mon - Fri / 7 am - 4 pm

Questions and answers  
Please check our FAQ section for a list of all the most common questions regarding the repair of your smartphone or tablet.

Duration of repair
Our pass-through times guide is updated daily with information on the maximum time your smartphone or tablet needs for repair, depending on the manufacturer.

If you have any queries, our customer care agents will be more than happy to assist by phone on +49 3722 713-3171 or by email.

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