Attractive rewards boost sales. And since that’s the case, KOMSA is pleased to undertake the complete reward fulfilment process. This gives you access to our entire product portfolio, which we are always tweaking to meet new trends.

Our rewards range from entertainment technology to household appliances and even smart robots. The multi award-winning KOMSA logistics department ensures that your rewards are delivered on time, while our customer service department takes care of any issues or concerns experienced by the reward recipient. All this with one goal in mind: keeping your customers happy.

Advantages for Companies

  • Suitable reward products to promote sales

  • Price-optimized bulk purchase

  • Minimized risk of price drop

  • Handling of top-up payments for high-quality reward products

  • Creation of more secure tax invoices for reward products sent to consumers

  • Handling of storage and shipping

KOMSA Group Services

Consulting & Customer Service

We pay close attention to current product trends and expand our portfolio accordingly. For you, this means: receiving a large selection of sales-boosting reward products from high-end brands. We are also a direct contact partner for any questions or issues that reward recipients may have, and will clarify their queries directly. This eases the strain on your call centre and increases customer satisfaction.

Shipping & Transport

We ship the rewards on your behalf. We work with all shipping providers, and also offer special services such as two-man handling for large household appliances and large-screen TVs. Our closely-meshed quality management system and logistics processes won the German Logistics Award in 2018 and the European Logistics Award in 2019.

Purchasing & Storage

KOMSA procures and stores goods, without you incurring any product risk. You can choose from among the range of products at current market prices and put together individual product sets.

Order Management

We take care of daily business and offer reports and interfaces that enable you to manage orders and processes. So you can monitor the movement of your goods, document flows, and the shipping status of the transport providers transparently and in real time.


We handle the payment of one-time top-up payments, and we also take care of invoicing reward recipients. This keeps the order process lean and takes the strain off your accounting services.


We handle returns on an individual basis, affordably and quickly. We resolve any service issues swiftly and in a straightforward manner, so that your customers remain happy ones.

Rewards Portfolio


  • Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • Smartwatches & fitness tracking

  • PCs & Laptops


  • Games consoles

  • UHD TVs

  • Loudspeaker & sound bars

  • Headsets

  • Cameras


  • Washing machines & dryers

  • Fridges & freezers

  • Food processors

  • Coffee machines & tea makers

  • Grills & barbecues


  • Robot lawn mowers

  • Robot vacuum cleaners

  • Robot mops

Smart home

  • Smart speaker

  • Sensor sets


  • Drohnes

  • Karts

  • Balance boards

  • E-Scooters

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