Vendor Partners

KOMSA is a leading information and communication technology (ict) service provider. We work with all the key manufacturers and network operators. Ever since the company was first launched, we have worked to provide a service-focused, exceptionally reliable link between manufacturers, network operators and retailers – we are fully committed to supporting our partners from the production stage right through to reaching the end customer via a range of different sales channels.

Technological innovations have changed the way we live and continue to pose an increasing array of challenges. Product life cycles are getting shorter, digital media is changing consumer perceptions leading to changes in design and marketing requirements, and buying patterns are changing, too. What’s more, the telecommunications, IT and media sectors have all started to converge. These developments offer manufacturers and retailers huge potential for growth and opportunities to develop into major market players. At KOMSA, we always have our eyes on the market and can thus help our partners to develop service-focused, smart solutions within ever-changing circumstances. We work with our vendor partners to develop strategies and custom solutions for selling products as efficiently as possible in both Germany and Poland. With this in mind, we are constantly expanding our portfolio to make sure we can support you with services that meet your precise requirements and contribute to your success.


KOMSA has 22 years of expertise in the ict sector – we have developed and grown ourselves alongside the industry as a whole. With well-founded market knowledge, access to 10,000 retail partners via a range of different channels, and an extensive portfolio of services, we can offer all the key factors for a successful launch within a new market. As your reliable partner, KOMSA works with you to help position your products and solutions on the market to maximum success. 


The extensive range of retail channels that KOMSA supplies with products and services has helped us build up a huge amount of market and customer expertise. We have been monitoring buying behaviour and markets for decades now, and have made sure our portfolio is adapted to all the latest developments. KOMSA reacts to new trends quickly and actively, with a flexible approach to portfolio management that always pushes the boundaries of individual product areas, integrating markets and retail channels. We use this expertise to help you open up new markets and reach new customers.


Thanks to our decades of experience in the ict sector, we have an excellent awareness of developments such as how product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter, and how consumer buying patterns are always changing. As a service provider for our vendor partners, our role is to advise you on planning sales channels and work with you to build up your share of the market. We work together to develop the perfect strategy and can also support your products’ journey with sales material right through to point of sale and your customers. What’s more, we also provide packaging and customization services so that standard products can be adapted individually and marketed to specific target groups. This helps them stand out on the market and makes it easier to position them successfully.


Digitization is already driving huge changes throughout society and continues to surprise and inspire us with innovations that have an increasingly profound impact on the way we live and work in today’s world. With the ict sector expanding and developing more and more links to other industries, there is a constant opening for new players on the market. Ten years ago, it might well have seemed strange to see a DIY outlet, sports store or medical equipment supplier selling telephone and Internet products – but technological advances have caused all kinds of different aspects of our lives to converge and produce a new human experience surrounded by the digital. The buzzwords of this digital (r)evolution include smart homes, smart lives, mobility and mobile work. As market pioneers, we are committed to identifying all these changing requirements and expectations so that we can get ahead of the curve with the latest trends and opportunities. Whether your priority is to open up new areas of business or new marketing channels, our combination of extensive product and service expertise makes KOMSA the ideal partner to support you.