Digitization is changing markets and sectors, combining them and affecting them in ways we couldn't have imagined just a few short decades ago. Digital innovations are shaping the markets of the future in every industry, and the ict sector is playing a key role in driving these changes. Companies have to face the challenge of keeping up with the latest trends and adapting to changing consumer habits, working environments and lifestyles as early as possible. As a distributor and service provider, KOMSA is very much at home in this kind of world, constantly on the search for new trends and digital technologies and designing pioneering projects that reach far beyond the traditional scope of the ict sector.


Digitization is a driving force that affects every area of our lives: your home life, your working life, the way you learn and how you communicate are all being influenced by new technological developments. And these changes are showing no sign of stopping.


Our needs for affordable mobility, to be able to access information wherever we are, to travel to far-off corners of the world easily and for integrated communication are changing the market, and new, more dynamic business models are needed to keep up with them. Location-independent working, new city planning concepts and infrastructures will mean considerable, far-reaching changes, not just in megacities, but also in the world right outside your front door. This evolution will affect every type of transport from cars and bikes to trains, planes and boats.

Smart Homes

Connecting your electronic devices within your own four walls is getting easier all the time - with smart homes. More and more households are connecting their computers, televisions, multimedia servers, mobile devices, cameras and security systems, heating and lighting controls over their home network and controlling them centrally. Many products are now designed to be controlled from outside the home via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


With alarm and IP video monitoring systems at home, you can now be informed of any signs of a break-in wherever you are, helping to track down the criminal and provide evidence against them. Intelligent home network solutions alert you of vandalism on your property, ward off would-be burglars and gather evidence of thefts. Videos and photos help the police in their investigations and can be used as evidence in court.


The future of mobile communication also lies in connecting your car to your smartphone. This turns driving into a whole new experience. Automated systems will give you new freedom while travelling. You'll be able to access and analyse your vehicle data at any time, and pass it on to the manufacturer or garage if you need to. Your next car will be a digital, automated, multimedia experience.


The onward march of digitization will not stop at the traditional analogue sectors. Manufacturers of smartwatches and activity trackers increasingly differentiate their designs according to target consumer groups. The latest technology is now also beginning to feature in the jewellery market. Customers can buy wearables with elegant and minimalist styling as well as sporty designs or robust pilot's watches. The classic wristwatch is no longer a simple accessory and timekeeper but a versatile technological all-rounder that accompanies its wearer into all areas of life.

Smartwatches and KOMSA

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices such as smart watches, fitness trackers and sports watches transfer data to your smartphone or tablet. They collect information about you and your lifestyle. You can then use an app to analyse and assess the data, and get recommendations and suggestions on how to optimize your activities. Wearable devices can add something extra to many different parts of your life, helping you communicate, get information and entertainment, or by providing data to help you improve your health and fitness.


Innovative preventative healthcare and health monitoring products can help you to record, keep track of and analyse health data such as your blood pressure, BMI and heart rate. Connecting these products to a smartphone or another mobile device enables you to record the data and share these with your doctor. These products can remind you to take your medication and provide recommendations to keep you healthy and improve your general wellbeing.

Sport and Outdoor

The combination of digitized, integrated information and increasingly intelligent mobile devices is giving us more and more options when it comes to outdoor activities. New devices for hikers, cyclists, skiers and swimmers ensure they always have the information they need, when they need it. By combining these technologies with the right sources of information, you can create intelligent routes tailored to suit your personal requirements as determined by your individual profile and training goals.


Around 25% of your mobile phone is made from valuable or rare metals. So when you've got as much as you can out of it, you need a specialized, certified waste disposal company to recover the valuable raw materials, remove any hazardous substances and dispose of the device in an environmentally friendly way. And you need to be sure that your user data are destroyed securely.