Security Solutions

For as long as cyber attacks in the form of viruses, Trojans and data theft are unfortunately ever-present, a sophisticated security system must underpin a company’s software and hardware landscape.

To this end, KOMSA provides a range of intelligent security solutions as well as comprehensive consultancy and training. A system of this kind needs to be able to face more than just virtual threats.

It is also important to prevent physical dangers too, such as power outages due to overloading or lightning strikes. At the same time, it needs to run efficiently so as to not limit productivity or restrict the working day in any way.

Mobile Devices

As an ICT wholesaler and one of the premier distributors for mobile phones in Germany, we offer you a broad range of mobile devices for telecommunications.

Via KOMSA, retail partners can purchase smartphones and feature phones, tablets, and a selection of special phones designed to meet specific requirements, for example for outdoor activities, to use on construction sites, or with useful functions for seniors.

In addition, KOMSA offers wearables such as connected watches, activity trackers, smart watches and earables: ideal for making phone calls, reading the news and collecting various data without needing a smartphone.

Cloud Services

With our cloud services, you as a specialist retailer or system house can offer your business customers a comprehensive portfolio of communications solutions from the cloud.

We provide tailored advice when selecting and combining the right products and applications, supply suitable software and hardware, and offer support via the KOMSA Group Technical Assistance Centre.

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Network & Conferencing Solutions

Now that virtually all processes in a company are IT-supported, a secure and stable IT network is absolutely essential. If something goes wrong, it costs time and money.

KOMSA therefore provides support with the latest network technologies, offering fast, efficient, powerful and above all highly redundant systems ‒ from small access points to firewalls to big data centres. In addition to systems for IT infrastructure, partners can also purchase conferencing solutions via KOMSA.

These replace the traditional phone and video conferencing systems and combine functions such as phone, video, chat, email and document exchange in one software, enabling high-quality communications regardless of location. Devices and solutions for every size of company or space can be found in our wide assortment of conference telephones and systems.

Smart Home & Mobile Entertainment

Controlling what happens at home remotely – so you can feel secure and save on valuable resources.

From home control via voice command to communication between different devices – our smart home range encompasses both heating and light management systems as well as camera and security systems and much more. It also includes mobile entertainment and mobile gaming, which can be included in your package; something that is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Smartphone Accessories

Compatible and coordinated accessories can make our interactions with smart devices even more convenient. Suitable headphones, powerbanks, protective films, cases, replaceable wristbands, keyboards, cables, stands and much more expand the possible uses and provide protection.

We supply a wide variety of accessories for all our product categories.


KOMSA helps you get from A to B swiftly and efficiently thanks to our range of e-scooters, e-bikes, e-skateboards, and navigation products. We also offer retail partners bike navigation, portable devices, upgradable voice control for cars, and suitable accessories for outdoor activities.

Network Marketing

The telecommunications sector includes a variety of mobile communications and fixed line providers with an extensive tariff landscape. We offer expert assistance in the private and business customer sectors: from consultation to tender preparation to order processing.

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