Managing communications solutions efficiently

The trend for working from home, while on the move, or at your customer’s premises is posing new challenges for companies. The IT landscape needs to allow employees to work efficiently with colleagues wherever they are, and to access business programs or customer data from anywhere.

Digital Contracting Process

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Cloud communications systems offer the solution. Instead of using the traditional company system, employees can make phone calls, take part in video conferences, process emails and access vital information, all through the internet.

The advantage for companies: decrease investment costs and maintenance expenses; increase flexibility. This is because systems can be expanded or reduced as required.

With KOMSA cloud services, you as a specialist retailer and system house can offer your business customers a full cloud package. In addition to just the communications solution, packages also include notebooks or tablets, phones, headsets, or whatever else the customer needs to ensure that their employees can work whilst out and about. We supply all these components in a cloud-based format.

In addition, we provide tailored advice for choosing the right products, supply the right software and hardware, and offer training and support via the KOMSA Group Technical Assistance Centre.

Business Models

KOMSA cloud services offer a variety of business models for system house and specialist retail partners.

The Resale Model

In the resale model, KOMSA partners buy the virtual cloudware in order to re-sell it to their customers at a profit. 

Partners are free to decide their own prices. In this model, the contractual relationship is between the system house partner and its business customers.

The Brokerage Model

In the brokerage model, the sale is effected directly between the business customer and the provider of the service in question.

Partners do not sell any products to their customers; instead, they act as a broker between both parties and receive a commission for doing so. The contractual relationship is between the business customer and the manufacturer.

Possible Applications

The private cloud option is used predominantly for companies, as it offers a high degree of control and security. For example, in-house hosting allows companies to move flexibly, while virtual platforms allow them to manage the required capacities. Access to cloud applications is only approved for authorized users, and is provided via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or the in-house network.

The public cloud, on the other hand, does not provide its services to selected customers only: rather, it is openly accessible, as the name suggests. Services include various as-a-service solutions such as software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).

The hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud, drawing on the advantages of both models. This model is particularly suitable for data-sensitive applications that need to be scaled on a flexible basis. Thus, sensitive data could be stored in the private cloud while web applications are supplied from the public cloud.

Special services for cloud services

Infrastructure & Legal Security

In close collaboration with our manufacturing partners, KOMSA supplies the full range of infrastructure from the cloud, specially adapted to meet the project requirements of each specific partner or company.

With our partner RESMEDIA, we also provide retail partners with individual contracts for their business customers, for their respective cloud solutions. If retail partners or their customers require any assistance networking existing infrastructure with the cloud, KOMSA is happy to help.

Pre-sales & Installation

The KOMSA Group offers tailored support with regard to the marketing of cloud products and solutions. Even before purchase and sale, we are there to support our partners at every turn, from project planning to tender preparation. When implementing cloud projects, KOMSA sets up the instances in the data centre and also provides assistance with further installation.


Partners can find current training courses on cloud components and solutions in our Academy training calendar.

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