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The challenges of your customers: Flexible working time models, workplaces & requirements. The solution: KOMSA's flexible cloud services!


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Customised processing & pricing

Our Marketplace is available to you 24/7. You can customise the conditions you offer your customers.

Everything from a single source

Every cloud solution needs the right devices. We can provide you with the hardware for your licences.

Marketing support

We provide you with full support in the marketing of cloud-based Modern Workplace solutions.

Professional technical support

Our technology experts know how existing systems can be expanded and will support you in the process.

With KOMSA's cloud services, you can guarantee an optimal basis for seamless collaboration for you and your customers, customised to all requirements. Rely on solid solutions from our portfolio and offer consistently strong performance with flexible models.

Think new, think modern; think Modern Work Cloud.

We support you with individual advice on selecting the right products, the provision of suitable software and hardware, training and support via our Technical Assistance Centre.

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Business models

The KOMSA cloud services offer different business models for system house and specialised trade partners.

Resale model

In the resale model, you as a KOMSA partner purchase the virtual cloud goods in order to resell them to your customers at a profit. You decide at what price you want to sell the purchased goods to your customers. In this model, the contractual relationship is between you as a system house and your business customers.

Placement model

In the brokerage model, on the other hand, sales are handled directly between your business customer and the provider of the respective service. Here, you do not sell goods to your customers, but act as an intermediary between the two parties and receive a commission for the mediation. The contractual relationship is established between your business customer and the manufacturer.

Cloud solutions - possible applications


Private Cloud

The private cloud is mainly used by companies that want a high degree of control and security. In-house hosting, for example, allows companies to act flexibly and control the required capacities via virtual platforms. Access to the cloud applications is only granted to authorised users and provided via a VPN (virtual private network) or the company's own network.

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Public Cloud

In the public cloud, services are not only available to selected users, but are also publicly accessible. The services include, for example, various "as-a-Service" solutions such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS).

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Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud is a mixture of private and public cloud and therefore includes the advantages of both models. Data protection-critical applications in particular, which need to be scaled flexibly, are optimally covered by this model. Sensitive data can be stored in the private cloud, while web applications are made available from the public cloud.

Cloud trainings

You can find current training courses on cloud components and solutions in our Academy's training calendar.

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