We see ourselves not only as a wholesaler, but as a service provider too; a one-stop shop for sales, marketing and other services in the retail business. KOMSA can lend a hand with a range of different services involved in the marketing of digital products. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Electronic Interfaces

To make sure that our partner’s business runs smoothly, our IT team creates links for the electronic interchange of data (EDI).

There are significant advantages to establishing an electronic data connection, from both a sales and a business perspective: you save time and money. Orders and contracts can be created much faster via EDI interfaces, recurrent processes can be automated, and there are far fewer “human” errors, as information is only transferred between two systems. Delivery dates can also be provided and entered automatically.

Refurbishment & B-stock Marketing

Our approach is to shepherd the products that we market throughout their entire life cycle. This helps us save on resources and protect our environment. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we refurbish used devices and returned goods and put them up for sale again, thus extending their product life cycle.

Advantages for Retail Partners

  • As partner, you can transform returns, surplus goods and remainders back into revenue. Your goods will be assessed and refurbished on a needs-driven basis, then re-sold ‒ all by a single partner.

  • For old devices, KOMSA offers fixed purchase prices and guarantees that data will be deleted in full before the smartphones and other devices are marketed again.

  • With our B-stock range of popular classics and cutting-edge models, we also offer retailers an environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and high-margin alternative to selling new goods.

Wi-Fi Site Survey

Thorough preparation for a new Wi-Fi system is vital for ensuring that everything runs seamlessly later on.

Our Wi-Fi scoping service involves measuring the rooms that are to be kitted out, then planning the appropriate new and secure Wi-Fi system and implementing it. Partners can count on our support every step of the way: from selecting the right access points, antennas and controllers and securely setting up the products, through to inspection and monitoring that everything has been implemented correctly.

This service means that you can plan reliably for yourself and your customers. In addition, customer requests can be implemented in full regardless of location; a system tailored precisely to customer requirements naturally results in optimized costs.

Marketing Services

KOMSA marketing concepts aim to ensure that private and commercial consumers are won over for the long term.

Our marketing team offers industry and retail sectors comprehensive services in product marketing, online and offline communication, at events and exhibitions, in creation and design, online marketing, and multimedia productions.

Direct Shipping

With its multiple award-winning logistics division, KOMSA is happy to shoulder the responsibility of delivering direct to your consumer, also called drop shipment.

We take care of storage on your behalf, as well as fast and secure delivery. The delivery documents enclosed are of course graced with the specific corporate design of the partner in question.

Customizing & Finishing

Our customizing service furnishes you with products that stand out from the crowd.

By means of tailored manufacturing, finishing work or some technical tinkering, standard products can be customized at our production plants and therefore geared specifically towards certain target groups. Secure packaging solutions, as well as modern and sustainable packaging solutions, are also included in our customizing services.