What is KOMSA basic EDI?

A simple standard interface for fast electronic connection of new customers using the newly developed KOMSA basicEDI Integration Format.This should make it possible to connect new customers directly to the KOMSA via existing standard mapping without any additional development effort.

The basicEDI partner format is based on the XML standard (JSON in preparation).A web service provided by the KOMSA enables the customer to independently validate created XML files using an error analysis.

Supported document types

Currently we support the following business transactions in the basicEDI format: order, order response and dispatch notification.For electronic invoices we use the new standard ZUGFeRD 1.0.

Advantages of basicEDI

  • Fast Very fast and therefore timely / short-term implementation and commissioning of a new electronic interface.

  • Inexpensive Very low development costs of the electronic interfaces on both sides

  • Easy Simplified technical implementation based on completely redesigned KOMSA basicEDI integration format.

  • Innovative Advanced connectivity thanks to online format validation, real-time inventory data and invoices in ZUGFeRD format.


Types of communication

KOMSA basicEDI supports the exchange of messages via SFTP and web service.If you would like to use KOMSA basicEDI, please contact our EDI team. We set up the connection path of your choice.

For further details, also on other possible data transmission paths, please refer to our KOMSA Communication Profile.