• Fast - Instant response for a request

  • Secure - Data transfer is encrypted and signed

  • Traceable - Exchanged data is logged and archived

The message exchange is encrypted and signed via HTTPS.Furthermore, a username and password for the web service is necessary.You will receive the connection data directly after the activation of our EDI team.

Interfaces in detail

Business documents that are exchanged via web service should be packed in an envelope.This serves to identify a partner, as well as the assignment of a response message to a request.

NameSchema and examplesDescription
MessageWebservice.zipThe message represents an envelope cointaining a business document. This could be a order, order cancellation (OrderCancel) or a request to pick up (GetDocuments) business docuements from KOMSA.

The MessageResponse returns a anwer for the sent message. In successful case it contains a acknowledgment of the receipt message (for order / order cancellation). For a pick up request it contains a collection of new business documents (order responses / delivery notifications / invoices). In error case the response provides a detailed description of the error.

 Version KOMSA Partnerformat 1.4 (Status: 19.06.2019)

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